A CNC Router is a serious piece of machinery for “softer” pieces of material. It is generally used to cut acrylic, plastics, composites, aluminum, wood, and foam. At MC GraphixSigns, having this capability grants us many diverse avenues when producing your signage. With our CNC Machine, we can cut your signs into custom sizes and shapes. We even have the option of quickly carving intricate details which would be nearly impossible without the help of such a complex and capable machine.  Our top of the line CNC Router gives MC Graphix the ability to give you enhanced, creative imagery for all your signage needs

If you are just looking for a simple rectangle, we’re glad to cut those, too. But if you want something a little less conventional, we love to get creative. Some particularly creative projects we have enjoyed fabricating with our CNC Router are our Christmas PVC Cutouts.  Our CNC-cut Nativity Silhouettes and 3D Reindeer Sets are popular and classy additions to any holiday display. We have also designed custom monogram and name plaques for a touch of elegance in your home. These are just a few examples of the creative possibilities afforded to us at MC GraphiX signs thanks to our CNC Machine. Now, what can we cut out for you?


  • PVC

  • Acrylic

  • Wood

  • Foam

  • Aluminium